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~Kelly Desapulader 23.Dec.03 01:31 AM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.0.1 Windows 2003; Windows 2000; Windows XP

I've created an Agent that creates new web users & puts them in a group, creating it too, if necessary. It all works fine, except that the user can't log in to the website, even though they're in a group that has access. They get a 'You are not authorized to perform this operation.' response.

I can edit the user's Person document by url, giving their name & password, so I know the newly created user 'works', but it won't let the user in to the website.

In the DB's ACL, I can check effective access for the user, & apart from being asked if it's a user or a group, it reports that the user has access.

Previously & manually created users can access the site, but this one can't.

I've used hierarchical names for the web users, like 'FirstName LastName/CompanyName'. That wouldn't cause any problems, would it?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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